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Our philosophy is to apply sound teaching principles and leverage modern technology, such as 3D simulations and gamified virtual robotics and coding solutions, to help our clients establish and maintain a modern and efficient STEM education system that consistently produces measurable results. Our teaching viewpoint is founded on enhancing teachers' skills and making STEM exciting for students. Sangari integrates a blended learning approach that combines theoretical knowledge with practical experiences, creating the ideal teaching and learning environment.

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Phibonacci blends neuroscience and technology to enhance cognitive development, offering a rich library of hype-interactive 3D simulations and comprehensive STEM curriculum for grades 6-12. PhiBonacci Virtual Lab is a collection of fully immersive and collaborative learning experiences with topics ranging from Photosynthesis to Valency and from Pulleys to 3D Geometry, designed for teachers in K12 to increase engagement and interactivity in their classrooms. 

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    CoderZ is an acclaimed STEM robotic learning software for pupils from six years and older and used by Amazon for its Future Engineer competition that attracts hundreds of thousands of students worldwide. It is an online learning environment similar to gaming software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world for programming real and virtual robots. The platform enables students to acquire computational thinking, problem solving and creativity skills, together with coding and STEM learning, all via a flexible and scalable virtual robotic coding  solution.

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    The VR content library

    Our VR modules for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) provide students with the opportunity to learn by doing, allowing them to experience extraordinary locations or environments in a way that is both engaging and informative. With Umety’s VR modules, students can explore the depths of the ocean, travel to outer space, or journey through the human body without ever leaving their desks.

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    500+ Interactive VR Modules for STEM Education

    STEM learning is important for students today as it equips them with skills necessary for the modern workforce, and helps them to better understand and tackle real-world problems through technology and scientific inquiry.

      Designed specifically for the South African syllabus