Sangari Education provides a range of AR and VR educational solutions that will transform any classroom into the 21st century

Virtual Reality (VR) education is transforming vocational skills training by offering immersive learning experiences. Through realistic simulations of real-world tasks, VR enables hands-on practice in a safe environment. This approach enhances practical skills directly relevant to various vocational fields, from mechanical repair to welding and construction techniques. By providing engaging and effective training, VR prepares learners more thoroughly for the challenges of their future careers.


  • 3-D Augmented-reality welding
  • No costly welding consumables
  • Eco-friendly
  • No special clothing or ventilation
  • 100% safe
Hardware - Vocational Education 1

Soldamatic Augmented Reality Welding Simulator

The Soldamatic 3-D Augmented-reality welding simulator requires no costly welding consumables and reduces training time by half. Welding rods, steel plates or oxygen are not needed. The equipment has no gas emissions making it is eco-friendly.

No special clothing or ventilation is needed and the welding can be done in any classroom. It is 100% safe. The headgear generates realistic welding graphics such as the weld pool and beam.

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Hardware - Vocational Education 2

Electrical Engineering/Electronics/PLC
Environmental Discovery System: EDS®
Mechatronic Learning Systems
Process Automation
Working material
Metal technology



  • A range of solutions available
  • Training and implementation provided
  • Blended Learning

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Hardware - Vocational Education 3


  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Technology Made Visible
  • Continual Innovation
  • Modular Products
  • Quality Components
  • Employable Skills

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As one of the world’s largest manufacturers of technical education (TVET) equipment and trainers, Labtech produces tools for learning and participates in the development of next-generation learning systems. Teachers and institutions around the globe rely on Labtech to deliver training solutions to impart employable skills to their students.
Unlike its competitors who outsource most, if not all, of their manufacturing, Labtech operations are almost solely in-house yet more economical due to the lower cost of manufacturing in Asia. Labtech has built a company culture committed to quality from R&D to the delivery of products and ongoing customer support. This is why schools around the global recognise Labtech as an industry leader in technology education.

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lj create

Every Smart Lab includes:

Innovative Hardware

  • Real-world trainers with hands-on activities
  • Design, prototyping and modeling kits
  • Desktop fault-finding trainers
Online LMS and lesson libraries
  • 10,000+ digital lessons
  • Tracks and records student progress and attainment
  • Curriculum aligned to academic standards
Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Ongoing support from LJ Create
  • Training and professional development

Hardware - Vocational Education 5

LJ Create Complete Lab Solutions

At LJ Create we pride ourselves on the innovative learning spaces we produce for a wide range of engineering disciplines. We combine and customize these spaces to meet every customer’s specific needs. Students learn high-tech industry skills for workforce development. Please check out these sample Engineering lab options - available in skill levels appropriate for high school, college, and university - and let us know how we can help you.

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As a provider of Industry 4.0 learning solutions, Sangari Education has been appointed a distributor of the Intelitek range of augmented and virtual reality education solutions which includes computer manufacture (CIM), flexible manufacturing system (FMS) and robotic solutions.


  • Intelitek content covers modern Industry 4.0 manufacturing techniques.
  • The Intelitek range of equipment and e-content material provide the underpinning Industry 4.0 knowledge.
  • Hands-on equipment to produce the future technicians and engineers requited by Industry 4.0.
  • Integrates all manufacturing components into a Flexible Manufacturing System (FMS).
  • Advanced students are able to design 3D objects and import them into the software for use in virtual workcells

    Designed specifically for the South African syllabus