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Sangari Education provides a range of AR and VR educational solutions that will transform any classroom into the 21st century

Our philosophy is to leverage modern technology, such as digital STEM content with a large library of 3D simulations specific to vocational jobs, to help our clients establish and maintain a modern and efficient vocational education system that consistently produces measurable results. Our teaching viewpoint is founded on enhancing the teachers' ability to educate and make vocational training exciting for students. Sangari integrates a blended learning approach that combines theoretical knowledge with practical 3D simulation experiences, creating the ideal teaching and learning environment.

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For ages 16+, the Working with STEM license (WWS-AL) includes more than 7,500 individual lessons, and provides access for your entire school to all of the following topical areas:

  • Automotive
  • Engineering
  • Electronics
  • Mechatronics
  • Fluid Power
  • Workplace & Business Skills
  • Manufacturing
  • Academic Support for Math and English Language… and more

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Our Working with STEM CTE curriculum is our largest and most comprehensive collection of courses and high-quality lesson libraries for career and technical education.

This complete license ensures your students gain the right skills for industry and further education. The complete ‘Working with STEM’ package includes all of the content delivered with both our Automotive and Engineering licenses.

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Jiangxi KMAX Industrial

Jiangxi KMAX Industrial Co. Ltd. (KMAX), headquartered in Nanchang, was the host of the World VR Industry Conference and has branches in Beijing and Shenzhen.

As a well-known science and technology innovation company in China, KMAX is committed to the development and production of desktop AlO virtual holographic interactive machines, Portable naked-eye 3D terminal equipment and related hardware. Also available are career and technical education applications and courses, as well advanced information technology such as VR in vocational and career training education.

KMAX has been rated as China's top VR 50 for four consecutive years, and supports the operations of the National Virtual Simulation Demonstration Training Base jointly built by the Ministry of Education of PRC and Jiangxi Provincial Government, with 3000+ client service cases at home and abroad.

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Get workers job-ready faster and easier than ever before with SkillMill, the world leader in always-on immersive skilled trades training. Empower your team with scalable, consistent skilled trades training. With SkillMill, you can create personalized learning experiences to help all team members – beginner, intermediate or advanced – maximize their skills. With 450+ hours of expert-led training and hands-on 3D simulations, it’s easy to build a top crew of technicians and free up more time to focus on your business. Make anyone job-ready in weeks, not years, to accelerate their trades career success:

Easier Avoid the time and effort of sustaining a trades training program so you can focus on your business and mission.

Better Keep learners engaged and improving to ensure successful trades training outcomes.

Solutions For:

  • Small and Midsize Businesses


  • Enterprises


  • Educational Institutions


  • Workforce Development Organizations


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