Sangari Simulation CNC Machines For Student Training

cnc machine

Sangari SA is providing new possibilities for CNC machine training at schools, colleges, training centres and universities.

Sangari SA supplies locally-developed science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational tools and programmes for schools, colleges, universities and industrial training centres.

“Sangari’s CNC technology has become an integral part of technical education, but understanding the materials used, machine and controller code should not be taught only in theory,” says Bez Sangari, CEO Sangari South Africa, developers of the solution.

“In education, industrial machines have the advantage of giving students practical insights, but rarely can any school or university provide access to these devices. The Sangari system now gives students access to hands-on industrial CNC machine training at a fraction of the cost,” he says.

The Sangari system essentially simulates an industrial CNC machine and comprises, a small-scale 4-Axis CNC milling machine and CNC lathe. “It is a complete integrated package including Draft-Sight (CAD), the Sheet-cam, industrial controller and Mach 3 operating system, that emulates the features of an industrial machine, making it a perfect training tool to be installed in a normal classroom environment,” says Mr Sangari.

The low-cost educational 4-Axis CNC milling machine and lathe uses 2-amp stepper motors and have a five-year guarantee, wearing parts excluded.