Sangari Makes Available Data Sensors for Science and Chemistry Education

NeuLog Data Loggers

Sangari SA has launched the NeuLog range of neuron digital science kits to assist with laboratory experiments in science, chemistry, information technology, life sciences and natural science education.

Sangari SA supplies educational tools and programmes to schools and educational institutions. The company says that the kits shorten and simplify lessons by using data loggers containing the software to facilitate quick set-up and accurate measurements of experiments.

The loggers are the size of a small portable disk drive and contain the software needed to conduct and measure experiments ranging from voltage, current and magnetic tests to motion, acceleration and force measurements.

“The software allows students to record, graph, search, analyse and export data. In addition, all the necessary apparatus needed for the experiments,” said Bez Sangari, CEO of Sangari SA.

“In the acceleration and momentum experiments, for example, the kit consists of the necessary measuring apparatus and sensors needed to measure speed and impact and collate the results electronically to produce graphical representations.


The software produces results in real time, giving an understanding of the theory and practical application of the experiments.

The system addresses school, technikon and university subjects. The sensors are compatible with Windows-based PCs, Mac, Android devices and smartphones. Data can be exported to various formats including Excel, mathematical, statistical, digital and table formats.