Sangari Launches Veative Education-specific VR Headset For STEM Subjects

Sangari Launches Veative Education-specific VR Headset For STEM Subjects 1

The headset contains Veative’s full educational content library within the all-in-one EduPro headset. Does not require a computer or connectivity

Sangari Education, distributor of the Veative virtual reality (VR) library of STEM-related content, has launched the Veative Edupro headset specifically for educational use.

“While the Veative content can be used on many popular headsets, the EduPro provides a more cost effective and user friendly headset. Veative has developed a large library of STEM-related content of 543 modules, which have been mapped to the South African Curriculum for Maths and Science grades 7 to 12,” explained Sangari Education MD, Bez Sangari.

“The EduPro headset, being specific to educational applications, introduces enhanced features over competitive products that don’t focus specifically on educational applications.”

“This full content library resides on the all-in-one EduPro headset which does not require a computer or connectivity, making it easy to use.”

“For those schools who would like to give their teachers and students the opportunity to develop their own content, Veative has produced a VRcreate software which makes content development easy and accessible to all,” Mr Sangari added.

He explained that the Veative EduPro is the world’s first XR1 chip-enabled mobile VR device designed specifically for educational use. “The preloaded Veative VR content library within the headset provides convenience and removes the need to load and unload modules manually.”

The VR headset has 128Gb of internal storage, sufficient space for Veative’s entire library and for additional content. “The operating system is built for education, and there are no social media or privacy concerns or distracting applications,” Mr Sangari said.

The headset includes a built-in Mobile Device Management (MDM) feature and has a MicroSD card slot for further expansion, an Integrated touchpad, and handheld Bluetooth controller.

About Sangari Education

Sangari Education has a clear vision of what it aims to achieve as an Education Solutions company focusing on Industry 4.0. Sangari is eager to inspire clients with support and training to achieve their full potential. Sangari subscribes to the viewpoint that there is a direct correlation between education and decent jobs. Our philosophy is to apply sound business principles, and together with modern technology we help our clients establish and maintain a modern and efficient education system and in every instance producing measurable results. Our teaching philosophy is founded on augmenting teachers’ skills and making learning exciting for students. Sangari incorporates a blended learning approach that integrates theory with practical experience, creating the ideal teaching and learning environment.

Veative history and Philosophy

Starting out in 2016, we were determined to create a VR learning experience based around these key assumptions: 

  • We would focus on one core topic or concept at a time 
  • We write and develop around curriculum standards 
  • We tackle abstract or conceptually difficult concepts first (for students) 
  • We have assessments within the environment to ensure that teachers are connected with the learning, without needing to hover, monitor, or babysit 
  • All content should be available online and offline (no network dependency) 
  • It should be localizable for different regions and languages
  • It should be cost effective, ensuring no one is left behind 

From the start, we choose to be device-agnostic, hoping to leave the VR hardware decision to schools and districts. We wanted to make our content for all devices. However, the reality of the market created problems, not just for us, but for everyone. From small storage sizes on devices (meaning the content cannot be used offline), to dropped controller signals in larger classrooms, we lived through it all on the hardware side. We learnt quickly that devices made for gaming and entertainment are NOT education-focused, nor education-ready.

As educators in this market, we need to be concerned about privacy and security issues, management of content (so that it is easy, and not even a concern, for teachers), a breadth of content (ensuring every student, in every class we have content for has meaningful things to learn and interact with), and proper thought toward the experience of students, teachers, IT and admin. Gaming and entertainment devices have NO thought toward any of these issues. So, to address the needs of schools and districts everywhere, we designed the EduPro VR headset, a device purposefully built specifically for education.