Sangari Education to Distribute UbTech Robotic Systems

Sangari Education to Distribute UbTech Robotic Systems 1
Sangari Education to Distribute UbTech Robotic Systems 2

Sangari Education, specialists in Industry 4.0 educational solutions, have been appointed a distributor of the UbTech range of robotic systems aimed at companies across all industries wanting to implement AI-based applications.

It is also suited to universities for teaching, and research and development. Ubtech said it is keen to support universities who would like to get involved in AI through reduced pricing and technical support. Universities are able to use Cruzr’s open source software and existing capabilities for teaching and research and development into new AI and Robotics applications

“Cruzr is a customisable, cloud-based, intelligent humanoid service robot that provides a new generation of service applications to a variety of industries and domestic environments,” says Bez Sangari, MD of Sangari Education. The ‘multimodal interaction’ Cruzr is 1.2 meters high, weighs 45kg and has an 11.6 inch touch screen.

The multi-machine centralised control system can carry out functions such as managing maps, real-time motion control and video playback. These capabilities are useful for scenarios such as mobile patrol, advertising services and security monitoring. Cruzr will support independent patrol and command-controlled patrol.

“Based on the open SDK interfaces for body movements, base actions, expressions, speech, lighting, and facial recognition on Cruzr’s robot platform, companies can customise their own products according to their own specific needs. This further expands the depth and breadth of applications for Cruzr,” he adds.

“The multi-modal synergies and coordination make the interaction more fluid and more humanlike, greatly enhancing the user experience. Cruzr has flexible arms and can provide users with rich body language. It uses real-time positioning and mapping to avoid obstacles.”

“It has a 98% recognition rate and identifies faces in milliseconds. Cruzr is an open source platform which lets users implement 3rd party resources for emotion detection, gender and age.”

The U-Meeting feature provides voice and video functions that support cloud computing and high-definition audio and video to ensure smooth transmission. It also provides video conferencing and video-based customer service.

“Cruzr can offer an end-to-end value chain management service for data in terms of data acquisition, storage and analysis. It makes the analysis process more intelligent. Companies can discover effective information from the massive data to obtain better business value,” says Mr Sangari.