Sangari Education Exhibiting AR and VR Solutions at the 2018 IVETA Conference in Cape Town

Sangari Education Exhibiting AR and VR Solutions at the 2018 IVETA Conference in Cape Town 3

Sangari Education Exhibiting AR and VR Solutions at the 2018 IVETA Conference in Cape Town 4Sangari Education will be showcasing their Augmented Reality Welding Simulator; CNC Simulator; Automotive Trainers; Educational Virtual Reality solutions; and Electronics Technology Simulations at the 2018 World TVET conference taking place from Monday 13th to Thursday 16th August at Tsogo Sun Cape Sun in Cape Town.

The South African College Principals’ Organisation (SACPO) for all 50 South African Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) colleges, in conjunction with the International Vocational Education and Training Association (IVETA), a network of vocational educators including vocational skills training organisations, business and industrial firms, is hosting the conference under the theme “Making Technical and Vocational Education Training the First Choice”.

Sangari will be demonstrating the worldwide-acclaimed Soldamatic augmented reality (AR) welding training simulator and a range of virtual reality (VR) educational systems for schools. The Veative educational interactive virtual reality modules cover physics, chemistry, biology, maths, educational tour and language learning.

“This is an important tool for the classroom. Modules are mapped to the curriculum, delivering a powerful VR solution for schools to engage students with concepts that close the gap between knowledge and understanding,” explained Bez Sangari, CEO of Sangari Education.

“This technology encourages students to become active learners rather than passive recipients of information. With the varied immersive experiences it offers, virtual reality has huge potential to transform both teaching and learning processes. It is the ultimate medium for delivering what is known as experiential learning,” said Mr Sangari.

“As an example, students can experience an immersive module on photosynthesis with the help of a controller. They are able to go into the leaf and get a sense of how plants meet the requirements for photosynthesis. Such ‘look-see-do’ modes encourage students to explore, identify and experiment with the content.”

The blue collar skills shortage in South Africa is estimated at around one million jobs.  To meet this demand, training is essential, but the machinery needed is expensive.  Providing theory and no practical training is insufficient.

To address this, the Soldamatic by Seabery augmented-reality (AR) welding simulator will be demonstrated at the conference. It is a cost-effective alternative to traditional training that provides the same level of skills but offers significant cost saving that can run into millions of rands per annum.

“The Soldamatic welding simulator, which has won top honours at the Worlddidac Awards for the most innovative educational product, requires no costly welding consumables and reduces training time by half,” explained Mr Sangari.

“Consumables such as welding rods, steel plates or oxygen are not needed, and because the equipment has no gas emissions, it is eco-friendly.”

“In addition, the AR simulator can be used in any environment with no need for special clothing or ventilation.  The welding can be done in a classroom or even an office. It is 100% safe, simply because it provides an augmented-reality welding environment, providing augmented-reality 3-D vision through the trainee welder’s headgear.”