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Here you can download the F1 in Schools World Finals Competition and Technical Regulations from the links below.

2016/2017 Race Regulations and Rules

The F1 in Schools competition is split into 3 classes: Entry, Development and Professional. All classes are judged on the day of one of our Race Days. A school is allowed to enter a maximum of 3 teams which can be a mixture of classes. Teams may only compete for 1 year in both the Entry and Development Classes, but can return as many times as they like as a Professional Class team.

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Entry Class (Gr 7 and 8)

This is the perfect first step on your F1 in Schools journey and is aimed at new team/schools taking part in the challenge for the first time. Entry Class allows all teams to compete for the honour of being crowned Regional Champions.


Development Class (Gr 9)

This is the next step up from Entry Class and a great way to prepare for Professional Class. You will take on more judging categories and have more technical regulations to contend with when designing your car. Teams choosing to enter the Development Class will be competing for a place to become the Development Class South African National Champions, which will win them a place to represent the South Africa at the World Finals.



Professional Class (Gr 10)

This is the top tier of the SA competition, although we want to encourage ambition – so you can enter straight away at the age of 11 if you fancy the challenge! Regional winners in the Professional Class teams fight it out at the SA National Finals for a place at the star-studded World Finals.



Competition preparation
When entering and preparing to compete in the Competition, please follow these prescribed guidelines in your preparation.

All miniature F1 car designs must be submitted 5 weeks before the competition. Submissions are done through the manufacturing forms found on the Sangari F1 in schools website and have to be accompanied with proof of payment for the team’s cars.

Team registration
Teams need to register their names and roles 8 weeks before the competition. This is to ensure that the teams don’t have conflicting names.

Competition Registration
Teams need to register 4 weeks before the competition and submit their proof of payment along with the registration forms. Further event details will be finalised 2 weeks before the competition. The registration includes lunch and a snack for team members.

Competition Regulations

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Technical Regulations

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