Sangari Celebrates 21st Birthday with New Initiatives

Sangari Celebrates 21st Birthday with New Initiatives 1

Celebrating its 21st year in business, learning solutions provider Sangari South Africa says highlights of the year include the launch of the F1 in Schools and the Land Rover 4×4 competitions as well as launch of the Life Sciences Lab at Sci-Bono. Bez Sangari, founder and CEO of Sangari South Africa, says one of the company’s dreams is to provide … Read More

Sangari Launches Life Sciences Lab at Sci-Bono

sci-bono lab

Science is fundamentally an activity-based learning process. However, the majority of educators do not have the resources or the capacity to provide learners with hands-on experience. Teachers typically carry out most science teaching by means of theoretical presentation or at most a demonstration. To enrich science teaching, Sangari South Africa has combined the latest methodology in the Sangari Life Sciences … Read More

Sangari Exhibits at SciFest

sangari scifest

Sangari SA, the provider of learning solutions, exhibited its ‘F1 in Schools’ initiative and Science solutions at this year’s SciFest in Grahamstown. Scifest Africa was established in 1996 to promote public awareness, understanding and appreciation of science, technology and innovation. The project is supported by South Africa’s National Department of Science and Technology and other sponsors. The F1 in Schools … Read More

Goscor Selects Sangari as Implementation Partner in CSI Project

sangari csi programme

Sangari South Africa, the locally-based supplier of education solutions, has supplied mobile science laboratories for Grade 10 to 12 at JB Matabane School in Ivory Park, Thembisa, as part of the Goscor Group of Companies’ CSI initiative. Goscor supplies industrial equipment and solutions to companies in various industries. “We are passionate about giving back to the community through numerous sustainable … Read More

Sangari Simulation CNC Machines For Student Training

cnc machine

Sangari SA is providing new possibilities for CNC machine training at schools, colleges, training centres and universities. Sangari SA supplies locally-developed science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) educational tools and programmes for schools, colleges, universities and industrial training centres. “Sangari’s CNC technology has become an integral part of technical education, but understanding the materials used, machine and controller code should … Read More

Augmented Reality Welding Simulators For Students

sangari south africa

The new virtual-reality welding training solution from Sangari The blue collar skills shortage in South Africa is estimated at around one million jobs. To meet this demand, training is essential, but the machinery needed is expensive. Providing theory and no practical training is insufficient. To address this, a new widely-acclaimed welding simulator is now available in South Africa as a … Read More

Sangari Makes Available Data Sensors for Science and Chemistry Education

NeuLog Data Loggers

Sangari SA has launched the NeuLog range of neuron digital science kits to assist with laboratory experiments in science, chemistry, information technology, life sciences and natural science education. Sangari SA supplies educational tools and programmes to schools and educational institutions. The company says that the kits shorten and simplify lessons by using data loggers containing the software to facilitate quick … Read More

Schools Readiness for ET (Education Technology)

By Bez Sangari, CEO Sangari SA the wholly-owned South African training company. As with any technology, there are always early adopters, followed by users who implement the technology when it is already accepted, and finally late adopters, those who implement the technology after it is being widely used. There was a term introduced some years ago in the IT industry … Read More

Don’t Follow the Herd with Learning Systems

Schools are investing in educational technology (ET) such as electronic boards, projectors, mobile devices and computers but in general the technology is not producing the required benefits. According to the 2014 JCSE ICT Skills Survey, there have been mixed signals in the ICT skills environment. He says that despite Africa being perceived as an emerging economy with immense growth opportunities, … Read More

Billions Lost Annually on CSI Projects in the Education Sector?

With billions being spent annually on Corporate Social Investment (CSI) projects in SA and about half that spent on technology-based projects in education, billions may be wasted annually mainly by JSE-listed companies. Poorly managed projects, funds going missing, technology not being properly used and a lack of enthusiasm on the part of project recipients are some of the factors resulting in … Read More