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The truth about education in South Africa is that the majority of South Africans will not emerge from the education system with the skills, expertise, or competence necessary to thrive in South Africa’s demanding business world of the emerging Industry 4.0 environment.  Only one in three grade 1 pupils actually go on to pass matric and only one in ten grade 1 pupils pass well enough to study further at university. Only one in a hundred will achieve a distinction in Mathematics.

Once at university, students often lack the necessary numeracy and literacy skills required to cope with the rigours of tertiary education. For those who drop out of the schooling system, a bleak future awaits. Sangari provides a number of innovative solutions for educational institutions based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality simulation that equip educators with tools essential to enable them to exploit the benefits of the 21st century Industry 4.0 classroom. Our focus prepares university, technical college and industry learners by enabling them to develop practical skills that will be important in the workplace.

Our Vision

Sangari South Africa’s mission is to offer a world-class combination of holistic products and services enabling learners to achieve their full potential. Since our inception, we have developed innovative devices and apparatuses that are in use in hundreds of educational institutions in every province across of South Africa and the African Continent.

We are a level 2 BBBEE contributor and we celebrate more that 21 years in the South African education sector. We are proud to have revolutionised education for learners and teachers and are primarily focused on delivering inventive solutions for public and private educational institutions.

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