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LJ Create Engineering e-Library and Hardware Resources

LJ Create have been providing award-winning, world-class active learning solutions for technical education for over 35 years. Today they create complete systems combining digital cloud content and tailor-made hardware kits that deliver innovative, inspiring learning in science, technology and engineering.

Their mission is to enable learners throughout the world to achieve their full potential in a wide range of science and engineering areas by providing teaching solutions for schools and further education. The balance between virtual and practical learning in vocational education is becoming a cutting edge topic in education research;

Sangari Education is leading the way in this field by combining our own vast expertise in vocational education with the insights and research-based best practices for eLearning brought by our academic partners. We are proud to be associated with LJ Create to deliver the most cost effective, prudent implementations of virtual learning in the field of vocational education. The acquisition of this revolutionary digital content for the training and development in the Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics disciplines creates a platform for a Blended Learning approach in the classroom. The content is suitable for the School sector, NATED and NCV courses.

The software teaches and reinforces skills and knowledge required by students, trainees and apprentices using an interactive format that is motivating and easy to use. Skills-based investigation activities are supported with topical presentations and assessments that can be used by an individual or by groups.

Engineering 9


  • Digital library of theory, applications, simulators, assessment and practical activities
  • Courses are designed to bridge the skills gap
  • Support Material is integrated into the courses
  • Over 500 hrs of engaging Digital Cloud content with assessments per topic
  • Solving problems using real life simulators
  • Access content from anywhere
  • Create a custom course in the LMS

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Engineering 10

Engineering 11

Augmented Reality Welding Simulator

The Augmented Reality Welding Simulator is an innovative technological solution designed to help welding students of different levels to acquire the right capacities, welding sensations and skills without physical risks, saving money and reducing environmental impact, by reducing the real workshop training time. It is an educational solution to help both students and trainers to improve their learning experience.

Soldamatic is complementary to real welding equipment and workshops in welding learning process, contributing to enhance it and make it much more attractive for students and efficient for training centres and welding trainers. That is the reason why the use of Soldamatic is applicable and recommended for welding training programs.

The trainer only needs to provide assistance to individuals during the welding exercises to facilitate correction on muscle memory and positioning of the welder over the work piece.

To complete their welding training, students then spends time practicing the abilities acquired by using Soldamatic in real recognised workshops under qualified professional supervision with the right safety measures.

Advantages of Soldamatic welding simulators:

  • Promotes faster learning: Trainees can complete more practice welds within a fixed amount of training time. Reduction in total training time by up to 50%
  • Improved workmanship and productivity: Unlike classroom or computer-based training, virtual reality creates a hands-on experience that augments visualisation with muscle memory and kinetic awareness
  • Instant feedback: from each weld pass allows the trainee to hone the specific skills that need improvement until the full technique of laying a quality weld is achieved.Engineering 12
  • Increased training retention and improved trainee and worker safety: Welders learn new techniques or practice their skills in a safe environment without risk of injury
  • Reduced training costs: Students can receive more hands-on practice welding without consuming expensive materials and cost of waste disposal is eliminated
  • Expanded training options: Virtual environment can be set for complex and critical welds involving expensive components
  • Environmental concerns: Harmful emissions and / or waste materials are eliminated in a virtual environment
  • Pre-loaded lessons: different welding joints and positions, theory and practical tasks
  • Instant correction guides: Incorporated into welding helmet for correcting welding techniques
  • Customised Lessons: Software allows facilitators to create lessons for practical assessment