CSI In Education – Invest in CSI and Improve Your BEE Score

Corporate Social Responsibility Investment

“Life has been so easy with the help of your iBox and its loaded NCS curricula. May l take this opportunity to inform you that our Physical Sciences improved from 54% to 78%, Pure mathematics shot from 52% to a staggering 82% whilst our Mathematics Paper 3 rose from 37% to 95%. Once more thank you so much guys for your facility. We managed to finish all the syllabi on time last year. We ranked no. 1 and 4 in the district in maths and physical science respectively”.

Julius Malunguza, Head of Mathematics and Sciences, Ixopo High School Kwazulu-Natal

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Maximise Your BEE Spend on Socio-Economic Development (SED)

Over 3 000 Schools are Equipped with Sangari Education’s iBoxes and Mobile Science Labs
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Businesses are able to gain BEE points on their Socio-Economic Development (SED) spend by partnering with Sangari Education. We have a proven track record in implementing and managing successful educational solutions that enhance learning outcomes.

Many South African schools are under-resourced, lack effective teaching tools and have ill-equipped science laboratories. Sangari Education, a level 2 B-BBEE contributor with a 22-year history of success, has helped many schools achieve excellent results. We have a tax-effective mechanism for companies to make meaningful social investment contributions with the benefits of ticking the boxes of their B-BBEE scorecards. Sangari Education has pioneered systems that give teachers the tools and the support they need to sharpen their skills and become more effective in the classroom.

Solutions include:

  • The iBox – This is a multimedia device that transforms any classroom into a fully interactive learning environment that enhances the teaching and learning process. It makes available a hub of information – content and knowledge – that advances teacher proficiency by assisting with curriculum delivery. Sangari’s extensive CAPS aligned STEM content is fully sanctioned by the National Department of Education. Lessons are conveniently organised by grade, by subject, by term and by week to make curriculum delivery easier and more stimulating for learners. Lessons incorporate PowerPoint slides, Lesson Videos, Experiment Videos, Siyavula text books, Simulations, Animations, and Assessments.
  • Mobile Science Laboratories – These are compact portable cases aligned to the CAPS Curriculum, bridging the gap between theoretical and practical application. Each compact laboratory is packaged in a single robust case with components recessed in specific receptacles, presented in layers for saving space and ensuring no missing components.
  • Assessment Clickers – Learner Response Systems are used to conduct quick and precise assessments of pupils’ subject matter knowledge. They are meaningful tools for educators that save time, help track the progress of individual learners and identify students requiring more focused attention. Clickers help enhance and enable the learning process. The Sangari Learner Response Clickers alleviate the administrative burden of marking assessments, reporting results, monitoring learner progress to ensure they fully grasp the subject matter, and shortens the turnaround times taken for facilitators to deliver assessments and reports. Teachers are empowered with more time available to focus their energies on raising actual throughput targets and other key performance indicators for overall teaching success.

Sangari Education BEE Points Benefits:

  • Sangari Education is a Level 2 B-BBEE Contributor x 1.35
  • 35% Black woman owned x 1.10
  • Empowering Supplier x 1.10
  • Socio-Economic Development SED
  • 5 points – 1% NPAT

Funding Education with your SED Contribution:

  • Sangari Education’s solutions are aimed at Primary and High Schools
  • We support Systemic Interventions – Teacher proficiency is improved with the use of these solutions
  • As a CSI partner you are able to choose a school geographically close to your business
  • STEM – We provide solutions covering Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths
  • Learning outcomes are improved
  • Sangari Education will manage and monitor the school you select, ensuring that the project is managed successfully.

Sangari Education’s Vision is to:

  • Create a conducive learning environment
  • Motivate teachers and learners
  • Broaden learner awareness of the possibilities of a better life
  • Prepare learners for further study
  • Provide solutions that also uplift teacher training

What are the improved learning outcomes?

  • More class time for teaching and learning engagement
  • Content easily accessible
  • Teachers save time on planning, preparation and assessment
  • Teachers have more time interacting with learners
  • Learners are more engaged
  • Students enjoy the challenge of searching for information while learning from videos and benefiting from working collaboratively
  • Learners enjoy being at school
  • Less absenteeism
  • Students arrive early and leave late
  • Students do homework at school (home conditions not always conducive to doing schoolwork)

Realising Sangari Education’s Vision in Partnership

  • Sangari Education has a 22-year track record of success
  • Over 3 000 schools are now equipped iBoxes and Mobile Science Labs
Sustainable Corporate Social Investment Initiatives

Sangari Education has had much success in helping organisations secure more value out of their education spend to bring about greater impact. We take great care in identifying the donor company’s business objectives to ensure their social responsibility expenditure yields the most constructive outcomes soonest and that any proposed interventions are sustainable, performance driven and achieve a visible improvement in results. We often find that companies are keen on supporting institutions close to their local operations in order to find and attract the most promising talent into their businesses, thereby fully “closing the loop” in respect of return on investment.

Our approach is to reach agreement on the most worthy recipient/s, with cognisance being given to the likelihood of success of the project. We typically begin assignments with a baseline assessment exercise to provide a mechanism for planning, measuring and reporting on the intended project’s progress. We engage with all stakeholders, regional education directors, headmasters, teachers, learners and members of the local community, within the targeted institution or area. Following collation of the information gathered, Sangari usually recommends a solution that may include teacher development, technology, apparatuses and training. At the same time, a draft project scope that identifies the value to the community is presented to the funding organisation for approval. Further engagement with community leaders to explain the benefits of the project is often done to elicit widespread support.