COVID-19 Free 30-Day Access for Virtual TVET

Labtech and Sangari Education Transforming TVET Education

Labtech, represented by Sangari Education, has launched a 30-day free access to their virtual Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) online learning programmes. Labtech, one of the largest manufacturers of TVET equipment in the world, has developed the next-generation Virtual Learning Modules for technical education.

COVID-19 Free 30-Day Access for Virtual TVET 1

Each learning module features an animated 3D rendering of the technical item under study. “This can be done in a realistic manner and featuring all the major system and subsystem components. The 3D model is realistic in all details and constructed layer-by-layer and ‘assembled’ in its animated format. The model can be rotated to view from all sides,” explained Bez Sangari, MD of Sangari Education.

COVID-19 Free 30-Day Access for Virtual TVET 2

“The programmes are aimed at individual learners that may already be taking courses at their local institutions and can also be used for reskilling for a new job or just curious and want to acquire new knowledge. In addition, teachers can use the site to supplement their existing learning materials,” he said.

“Labtech has completed its first round of 55 modules in the areas of Automotive and HVAC, including a number of Hybrid Engine and Electrical Vehicle Systems modules, and is now concentrating on electronics and electrical areas. These 55 modules are a significant resource to enhance the learning programme at any school and are not tied to Labtech products but can be used as stand-alone learning systems,” Mr Sangari explained.

The learning programs include the following subjects:

“The programmes involve extensive R&D development where dozens of experienced personnel and subject-matter experts design and develop new content each day,” he said.

“The addition of the learning content can reinvigorate and update existing labs and training institutions at a fraction of the cost of adding new equipment. There are very few companies who are putting the time, energy and resources into digital learning as Labtech, and this will be of great benefit to our partners and clients over the coming years.”

“The new engineering educational software and simulations being developed by Labtech use realistic rendering and functionality. Virtual animations and simulations have the ability to transform education in vocational schools by improving learning and lowering costs. There are new versions for the Classroom Management System (CMS) and Learning Management System (LMS) which integrate with the new content,” Mr Sangari added.

He said that Labtech LMS is a comprehensive learning platform designed to enrich TVET courses by embedding digital content and assessments into traditional teaching and learning. A full suite of content creation tools is included to enable instructors and educational designers to enhance their courses with customised digital content. Scheduling, communication, and web 2.0 tools allow many options for students and instructors to meet the diverse needs of learners in the 21st century. Blended learning curriculum and content for Labtech’s TVET equipment is also available for use with the Labtech LMS.

The system tracks individual students’ progress as they are guided through the curriculum, aimed at enhancing 21st-century skill competency, in addition to ensuring students meet the required learning outcomes of the course. “Since the Labtech LMS is web-based and accessible through multiple devices, it supports the latest learning models such as ‘flipping the classroom’ and ‘anytime anywhere’ learning. This value-add enables institutions to create the most valuable learning opportunities possible and to maximise student capacity for independent learning,” he said.