Sangari Announces CoderZ Webinar for Robotic Programming League Competition

South African students will be able to participate in the international CoderZ Robotic Programming League Spring Competition. Distributors of the software in Southern Africa, Sangari Education, Is inviting Teachers to participate in a CoderZ webinar to guide students, from Grade 3 to Grade 12, on how to participate. “The webinar will be held on 1 March 2023 at 3:00 p.m. … Read More

School Robotic Coding Software Launched in SA – Supported by Amazon

<strong>School Robotic Coding Software Launched in SA – Supported by Amazon</strong> 1

Sangari Education has launched CoderZ, the acclaimed STEM robotic learning software for pupils from six years and older and used by Amazon for its Future Engineer competition that attracts hundreds of thousands of students worldwide.  CoderZ is an online learning environment similar to gaming software that can be accessed from anywhere in the world for programming real and virtual robots. … Read More

Sangari Launches Veative Education-specific VR Headset For STEM Subjects

Sangari Launches Veative Education-specific VR Headset For STEM Subjects 2

The headset contains Veative’s full educational content library within the all-in-one EduPro headset. Does not require a computer or connectivity Sangari Education, distributor of the Veative virtual reality (VR) library of STEM-related content, has launched the Veative Edupro headset specifically for educational use. “While the Veative content can be used on many popular headsets, the EduPro provides a more cost … Read More

Augmented-reality Gears Up For Education 4.0 And Reduces Training Costs

In addressing IR4.0 in the engineering and manufacturing markets, augmented-reality welding training is a cost-effective as well as a Green alternative to traditional training. It provides the same level of traditional skills training but offers significant cost savings that can run into millions of rands per annum. This is an example of IR4.0 in action for Education.

Augmented Reality Welding Simulators For Students

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The new virtual-reality welding training solution from Sangari The blue collar skills shortage in South Africa is estimated at around one million jobs. To meet this demand, training is essential, but the machinery needed is expensive. Providing theory and no practical training is insufficient. To address this, a new widely-acclaimed welding simulator is now available in South Africa as a … Read More

Sangari Makes Available Data Sensors for Science and Chemistry Education

NeuLog Data Loggers

Sangari SA has launched the NeuLog range of neuron digital science kits to assist with laboratory experiments in science, chemistry, information technology, life sciences and natural science education. Sangari SA supplies educational tools and programmes to schools and educational institutions. The company says that the kits shorten and simplify lessons by using data loggers containing the software to facilitate quick … Read More