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We have a clear vision of what we want to achieve as an Education Solutions company focusing on Industry 4.0. To compete in this market we need to have more than a visionary outlook, but need a keen eye for detail. We are eager to inspire clients with support and training to achieve their full potential. We are genuinely interested in what staff, customers and other people in the Education industry say and think about Sangari. We are enthusiastic about our business and about improving education in South Africa

Sangari South Africa provides a wide range of specialised Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality simulation solutions and services. This includes Industry 4.0 robotics systems with the focus on schools, universities, technical colleges (TVET) and various industries. Our solutions include the application of systems to control machines remotely such as PLC micro controllers and includes the integration of manufacturing systems, as well as systems that provide automation and control from remote locations.

Since our inception, we have developed innovative devices and apparatuses that are in use in hundreds of educational institutions in every province across of South Africa and the African Continent.

Innovation: Evolution is a natural process of survival. Innovation is a technological process of survival. Sangari focuses wholly on innovation, to provide clients with solutions that deliver measurable outcomes and exceed expectations.

All Sangari relationships, internal and external, are based on integrity, honesty, openness and respect for all.

Transparency engenders trust. Sangari Cultivates a process of transparency in all work with both suppliers and clients, resulting in increased mutual co-operation.

At Sangari, we believe innovation thrives with diversity. Interaction between diverse groups brings about energy and knowledge to encourage both personal and company growth.

Social Responsibility
As an education based company, Sangari enjoys the challenge of community involvement and betterment and we have successfully undertaken several large social investment initiatives in conjunction with a number of large corporations.

We are a level 2 BBBEE contributor and this year we celebrate a 20 year track record of success and innovation in the South African education sector. We are proud to have revolutionised education for learners and teachers and are primarily focused on delivering inventive solutions for public and private educational institutions at primary, secondary and tertiary levels.

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Sangari Education CEO

Bez Sangari
About Us 2Bez Sangari, CEO of Sangari Education, attended school in the UK and attained a BBA in Belgium and an MBA in London. He began work in Athens, Greece, in 1982 for the Sangari Group which is involved in the supply and implementation of educational technologies. The company grew to have several offices in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, North and South America. He established operations in South Africa in 1995 focusing in supply and developing of educational solutions for Africa.