4X4 in Schools Challenge

Aims and Objectives of the Challenge

About the Challenge 1

The ambition of the project is to raise awareness, interest and enthusiasm in Engineering through the practical application of Design & Technology, Mathematics and Science. As mentioned the challenge can be undertaken either in or out of school lessons. During school time the challenge can be run in GCSE Engineering (double award), GCSE Design &Technology, and the Engineering Diploma or simply as an extracurricular activity.

The Engineering industry requires creative multi-disciplined individuals who are capable of problem solving through individual endeavor and working in motivated teams. This project emulates a work situation where specialists come together to resolve a complex problem and share intellectual and practical resources to effect a solution. The challenge is an excellent opportunity for students to work in design teams to gain an awareness and understanding of project management, key skills and also to link with ‘engineering’ companies through STEM Ambassadors. These are ‘Engineers’ from engineering companies including Jaguar Land Rover and WNT and others, who will be able to support your team by acting as industrial advisers, mentors or providing ‘hands on’ support to your project and so giving it an essential industrial partnership. 

The objectives of the Land Rover 4×4 in Schools Technology Challenge are to provide a challenge that…
• Is educational but which provides participants with the opportunity to experience an activity that is realistic and relevant to the operations within industry.
• Provides young people with an opportunity to learn and develop through participation in a hands on practical experience.
• Provides an experience where young people can develop and embed the knowledge and skills later required to meet specifications within the subjects of Design &Technology and Engineering.
• Enables young people to gain an understanding and awareness of what engineering involves and which encourages them to actively think about a career within engineering.
• Is motivating, exciting, challenging and fun for both the young people and adults participating.
• Enables young people to be accredited for their achievements through schemes such as CREST, ASDAN and the Duke of Edinburgh Award.
• Provides young people with the opportunity to work as a member of a team or independently to develop problem solving tools and techniques.
• Integrates subject knowledge from key areas of the curriculum with the wider agenda of work related learning, enterprise, key skills and personal development.
• Enables real life engineers (STEM Ambassadors) to act as role models and share their engineering knowledge, expertise, enthusiasm and commitment with young people as part of their team.