6 Benefits of Augmented Reality as an Edtech Solution

6 Benefits of Augmented Reality as an Edtech Solution 3

6 Benefits of Augmented Reality as an Edtech Solution 4 How Augmented Reality and other edtech tools work together to enhance the traditional education system

Augmented Reality and edtech are two of the most important worldwide trends nowadays. Both are growing fast and still have a long way to go, but today we are talking about how they can work together and the benefits they can bring to the table.

These are 6 benefits of Augmented Reality as an Edtech Solution:

  1. Individualised learning

One of the biggest problems of traditional education is the lack of time and resources to provide individualised teaching to every student in the classroom. Augmented Reality provides teachers the tools needed to have information about every student, so that he/she knows which one needs more help, which one is doing just fine and which one is really understanding it.

2. Motivation

Augmented Reality can transform the classroom and its content, it definitely makes everything more visual and attractive for learners. Reading about the parts of the human heart may not be exactly interesting, but watching how it works through AR can be much more appealing.


Sometimes money is a barrier for learning, both schools and learners can be affected by it. Augmented Reality bridges education inequalities, it makes the contents accessible for everyone in the classroom, making no differences between students.

4.Fostering the learning process

AR enables students to experience a different learning cycle that will make them retain more knowledge longer. As Confucius said: ‘’I hear and I forget; I see and I remember; I do and I understand’’

5.Wide variety of fields

Augmented Reality technology can be applied to all kind of fields and levels of knowledge. However, it is true that it maximizes its benefits when it comes to Skills Training. AR provides the perfect mix between reality and virtual reality, so real physical devices can be used while saving costs and reducing risks.

6.Developing student’s creativity and curiosity

Students always bring different points of view to the classroom and each of them will have a different perspective about what they are learning. With Augmented Reality they are able to explore and learn more about what they find interesting. Creativity and curiosity would definitely be fostered, and AR is the perfect way to get your students’ imagination flying.

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